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    A rousing defense of America’s secular roots as our nation’s best way to protect freedom of—and from—religion.
    "How to Be Secular serves as an important reminder that . . . as I have noted in the past . . . we protect our rights to our personal beliefs by preserving the rights of our neighbors to believe otherwise. I agree wholeheartedly with Berlinerblau’s argument and highly recommend this powerful book.”
    —MARIO M. CUOMO, former New York Governor
    “This insightful book is not designed to convince you of the non-existence of God or the afterlife; it exists to convince both the non-theistic and the religious that if we don’t find a way to work together, we will all pay a heavy price. Berlinerblau makes a compelling, urgent case, with rigorous regard to history as well as a keen eye for the relevance of today’s many new variations of fundamentalism.”
    —BARRY LYNN, executive director, Americans United for Separation of Church and State
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